I am 56 years old backgammon player and one of the first chairmans in Turkey Backgammon Association.

Also founder president of Bursa Backgammon Club

Then we started to produce boards only to our backgammon clubs in Turkey in order to supply them better qualities with a cost price because of they were buying very expensive from somebody in Turkey.

Last year we produced 150 boards to Turkey Backgammon Association for tournaments.

Then some friends whom I met in international tournaments asked me to produce Custom made backgammon board for themselves.

And we already made hundreds of boards to different countries.. Every body is happy...


Any color combination as you want..Your name and logo will be printed without extra charge.

Tournament size board.. 300 Eur..Painted wood board, faux leather outside, 30 checkers, 2 dice cups same color of your board, doubling cube, scoreboard and carrying bag..

Size information

Close : 40 cm * 55 cm * 8 cm...

Open : 80 cm * 55 cm * 4 cm..

44 mm checkers

Tournament size board.. 400 Eur..PURE WOOD board, faux leather outside, 30 checkers, 2 half leather covered dice cups same wood of your board, doubling cube, scoreboard and carrying bag..Name printed magnetic dice box GIFT

Size information

Close : 39,5 cm * 57cm * 8 cm

Open  : 79 cm  * 57 cm * 4 cm

44 mm checkers

The playing surface is a special sewn heavy cloth chosen for its durability, öko-tex standards, not contain harmful chemicals to humans and nature. Easy clean on the surface of fabrics, tea, coffee stains can easily clean

Dice cups diameter 5.0 cm height 7.5 cm


Any more info needed, please contact WhatsApp.. 00905327454905